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Masquerade Show

Pandora’s Box

Dark Matter

Mile by Mile

Mountain of Madness

Next Morning

Mean Messiah, Man Machine





Release date:

5 December 2012

Recorded at:

Over the Hill Studio, Sweden by Mikael Lundin.


Mikael Lundin, Maze of Time and Johnny Rosengren

Catalogue number:






Robert I Edman:

Guitars and Vocals

Jesper Landén:

Lead Vocals

Jan Persson:


Alex Jonsson:


Thomas Nordh:


Björn Öhman:

Backing Vocals

Listen to a sneak preview of the new album here!

Masquerade Show is the third album by Stockholm-based rock group Maze of Time, four years after the release of Lullaby for Heroes in 2008. You could say that we all are in a masquerade show from time to time, while some people don't know whether their mask is on or off and who they really are. The theme of the album is about revealing what was hidden, while there are also things in there which are burrowed down for a good reason like in Mountains of Madness where the World is in for a rude awakening. The track is inspired by the H P Lovecraft novel from 1936 where an antarctical expedition goes terribly wrong.

On this album, guitarist and composer Robert I Edman continues his craftsmanship in forming another set of intertwined tracks for us, while this time around somewhat darker and with a more resonating pulse than previous releases. The other band members have also stepped up to the plate, thereby contributing to the evolving musical melange in some of the tracks - for the future, it looks very promising. The band trusts  there is something in there both for the listener accustomed to the mazekeepers' eclectic sound, while just as much or even more for those who embark on the journey for the first time, and it is with confidence from the months in the darkness of the studio, they can give their promise that there is something special in store for you on this  full-fledged record, which they call the Masquerade Show.


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