Art Performance Production is a production company based in the Netherlands. The first light of the company was set in August 2004.

We work with four labels for our music:

Art Performance Production; is for Symphonic/Progressive music as well as more odd sounds of the genres.

Artist(s) contracted to this label: Maze of Time; Harvest of the Innocence; Web Construction; Souls in flight and Tucana.


WDGAF Records; is a label for more harder rock or closer to punk music.

Artist(s) contracted to this label: Johnny JP Rosengren.


Thundering Refrigerator Records; is for pop/rock, dance, electronic and other forms of genres that does not fit the profile of the other three labels.

Artist(s) contracted to this label: Thomaz and A.D. and the Icons.



Reel state records: A label for more heavier rock stuff.

Artist(s) contracted to this label: Project TRAP, Grand 60 and Strawman.


Feel free to contact us at any time, we will respond to e-mail as soon as we can.

If you want to send a demo to us, please use the address below.
Note: We cannot accept e-mails with music files, these will be deleted immediately.

Art Performance Production
Chico Mendesstraat 31
1102 JG Amsterdam Zuidoost
The Netherlands 

Chamber of Commerce: KvK Amsterdam 34211330
VAT Number: NL8204.64.284.B01

Mon-Fri: 11-18
Phone: +31 20 6007231

E-mail Address: contact (at)


Logos created by:
Art Performance Production logo: Original: Merrick Oost 2004.  Current: David Grant 2006.
WDGAF Records: Johnny Rosengren 2002.
Thundering Refrigerator Records: David Grant 2006.
Reel State Records: Merrick Oost 2009

Web site: Johnny Rosengren

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